71: Robin Shirley on reducing inflammation with a healthy diet


Robin was diagnosed with Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and chronic Lyme disease when she was just 11 years old. She suffered from painful joints, inflammation, rashes, fatigue, fevers. The heavy medication she was prescribed caused digestive problems, nausea and hair loss. The drugs also suppressed Robin’s immune system, causing frequent infections and affecting all parts of her life. At just 23, Robin’s life looked set towards pain and disability. However, now 27, she’s healthy, free from pharmaceuticals and running the company of her dreams.

The journey to health wasn’t simple—at the time, childhood autoimmune disorders weren’t common and doctors were unsure what to do. Robin’s family was into healthy living and tried many different therapies to alleviate her symptoms – from juicing to acupressure to consultations with healers. But nothing worked. “We weren’t doing the right things,” says Robin. She soon realized there was a definite link between her illness and the foods she ate; wanting to commit to a healthy holistic life, she left college to study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Within a few months of starting at the Institute, Robin was giving cookery lessons, which soon evolved into one-on-one sessions and weekend yoga retreats. She was helping others whilst also helping herself. “The career and my health happened simultaneously,” she says, reflecting on how coaching others keeps her committed to a healthy lifestyle. Now successful, Robin bravely tells us that there were times she felt she didn’t want to carry on living, and doubted her abilities. Her story is a shining example of how anything can be achieved with determination and self belief.

Robin’s mission is to help other people improve their health and their mood, and through that start a global healing movement. She rightly states “We can’t tackle global disease if we’re all feeling as sick as I was.” One of the ways she does this is through the health conferences her company organizes. The Take Back Your Health Conference is about real solutions. Robin chooses speakers who have either taken back their health, or who help others take back theirs. The conference is not about offering superficial therapies that put a Band-Aid on the symptoms; it’s about digging deep to find the root causes of disease, and empowering people to make the changes they need in order to live a healthy life.


Robin Shirley’s Bio

Robin Shirley, CHHC, is the Founding President of Take Back Your Health Int’l, a company that hosts internationally attended health conferences and retreats across the U.S. She speaks, consults and writes about The Take Back Your Health Lifestyle and how to reduce the symptoms of chronic illness.  She has spoken for the University of Virginia Cardiovascular Center, The Arthritis Foundation, Arthritis Introspective, Match.com, The Take Back Your Health Conference, Yogasmoga and will be a speaker at the upcoming TEDxLA 2016 Conference.

Robin grew up with out-of-control systemic inflammation, which her doctors labeled as Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and Chronic Lyme Disease. At 23 years old, Robin was on track to file for disability and give up on her dream to run her own hospitality company.

After 17 years of experimentation, research and education, she has personally experienced the power of a therapeutic healthy lifestyle on reducing pain and inflammation. Robin is finally free from pharmaceuticals and running the company of her dreams.  Robin is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a member of the American Board of Drugless Practitioners.

After coaching hundreds of patients with Chronic Lyme Disease, Autoimmune Disease and Depression through her nutrition protocol, Robin launched Chronic Lyme Nutrition, a therapeutic nutrition protocol that teaches Chronic Lyme patients how to eat to reduce inflammation and depression, increase energy and strengthen the immune system.

She writes and posts about the Take Back Your Health Lifestyle on www.ClubTBYH.com.


Robin Shirley’s Links

Website: clubtbyh.com





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