355: How to Attract Your Dream Home and Why Appreciation is the Missing Key to Manifestation with JJ Flizanes


The Law of Attraction is based on the principle that like attracts like. The Law of Attraction is based on quantum physics and is as real as the law of gravity, and here’s the kicker: The Law of Attraction works whether you believe in it or not. So might as well believe it and try to use it to your advantage, ammi right?

So let’s talk about how to attract what you desire. Today’s guest, JJ Flizanes says, “The reason you want what you want, is because you believe you will feel better when you get it.” However, that very thought is actually what is holding you back from recieving it!

The secret to the law of attraction is to feel it first and then once you feel it you are in a vibrational place to align with it and thus “receive” it. By practicing getting into the feeling of having what you want on a regular basis you can begin to attract your desires to you.

So today, join JJ and Alli as we deep dive into The Law of Attraction, how to manifest, how to do a daily rampage of appreciation, why traditional talk therapy may be ineffective, and what you can do instead… and stay tuned till the end where Alli asks JJ to take us through the process of how she manifested her dream home in Ojai, California.

Tune in to Hear:

  • The connection between our emotions and cancer
  • Practices to cultivate joy every single day
  • How to do a rampage of appreciation
  • How to change your neural pathways to manifest abundance
  • The relationship between chronic pain and unhealed trauma
  • How to use the law of attraction to your advantage
  • What to do when you feel like the law of attraction is not working
  • How to manifest your dream home

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