324: The Cross Country Move That Changed Everything and Why Alli Hit the Road


In episode 324 we’re getting personal. You’ll hear the story of why Allison Melody packed up her LA life and headed to Florida for an undetermined amount of time. No plan?? What has happened to your Type A “Super Planner” girl?

Alli @allisonmelodytv is joined by her co-conspirator-in-adventures, Ashley Fillingim. Ashley @kickashlaw is a recovering “big law” attorney who now helps wellness + lifestyle entrepreneurs establish solid legal foundations to grow and scale their business.  

Alli and Ashley bonded on a boat on the Food Heals retreat in Italy and the rest in history! From vacationing together to building businesses together Ashley was integral in Alli’s next step. Together these two blondes feel like they can change the world. Everywhere they go people ask these two if they are sisters. At this point they just smile and say, “Yes!”

Tune in to learn:

– Why Alli packed her life into her car and headed east
– The Italy retreat that would change everything
– What made Ashley “hell-bent on creating joy”
– How many names there are for #30A? (#SantaRosaBeach, The #EmeraldCoast#Seagrove#RedneckRiviera)
– How cleaning your space creates space for new energy to come into your life

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